The Power of Solar

Solar buddy
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Brigidine College Randwick will be assembling 40 solar buddies to be sent off to schools around the world starting with Kenya. These are little lights that recharge throughout the day and offer an alternative to the toxic and inefficient kerosene lamps. Solar buddies are a safe and innovative way of allowing families to complete there daily activities that require a substantial amount of light. Projects like Solar buddy and other renewable energy projects allow communities across the globe to come together and reach their full potential by helping to create solutions to the issues we face as a society.

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How will our constantly evolving society make us more connected with each other?

Renewable energy and digital technologies are changing every part of our society. We are going through a remarkable transition, one that will set the course for future generations and it’s these generations that will look back at this time and wonder how we were able to overcome such challenges. The answer – by joining the dots, joining together!

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