Connections and Impact


From Kathy and Lyndon-
I have asked and received some feedback from most of the places/projects that we supplied
our batch of Solar Buddy lights to during our last Mission trip to Kenya in Sep 2017.
Maybe you have received further feedback too from Kakenya’s Dream school?

I thought I would copy you in on the messages of appreciation from the different places/projects in Kenya we supplied to,
to encourage you and thank you, and your pupils, in what you have been a part of for the wonderful folk we know there.
Please copy or show these messages as you see fit.
(I have used them as received, without correcting spelling or grammar, so quite “authentic”!)

Some of our young people at our church here in Brisbane (Bayside Salvation Army Community Church) are communicating with the recipients over there (via WhatsApp/email),
so what you and we have started will hopefully continue to educate 1st world children, and support 3rd world children, to build bonds of fellowship.

I hereby humbly submitting my feedback on solar lights I received last year one I donated to Solomon tunga and second one to grandnana upcountry.
From Solomon the solar light is working perfectly 8 hrs daily whereby neighborhood are really interested, grand nana at Embu is very happy and always praying for you you wherever you are, the solar lights are providing adequate light at night with no effects, also thanking you because they are not buying kerosene hence saving money for other domestic goods. So far no problem noted. We would like to have more In the future,
Hi Kobby and Aaron.
I want to thank you for your brightbeam which you have unto me. It usually help me in doing my home work . Am really excelling in my school work because of this brightbeam. In the past I used to suffer to do my home work because of no money to buy paraffin . This days I enjoy my learning.
Also my family is really blessed and happy with this brightbeam.
Am so humble for this gift. I know that we can not meet body but in spirit we are together.
I pray to Almighty God just to enlarge your territory and bless you together with your family. Ist Pet. 2:9, Psalm 118: 26- 29.
Yours faithfully Walter.

Dear friend Collum.
Receive my greetings in Jesus name.
Ian very happy for you bringing me the light. This gift has made our house be bright with the light. It is helping me and my brother so much in doing our home work. Indeed we are from the darkness into the light. It’s shining in our house.
Thank you very much Collin.
Let God bless you so much.
You have brightened my life.

Sorry for the delayed response but it was due to the fact that I had to collect information about the solar lights. All the solar lights are still available and doing well. None of them have been reported to have any problem.. All people who received the lights reported to be helping them especially those with no supply of electricity. Bethseba Akhanyinya, my lovely mum reported that the light has helped her to save a lot of cash that she was using to purchase paraffin. The grandchildren are also using it for studies at the village. The rest reported that the lights are used by their children for studies since they reside in houses without electricity supply. Yours sincerely Mercyline.

about Telesa, Sofia and Stella’s solar lights…. In fact the lights are of help for these families because up to date they are using the light and they have not experienced any problem. It will be good for if you can provide more lights in future for those who are in need. The solar lights are helping these families very well. In fact due to these rain season they work very well.

Lyndon & Kathy Armstrong
Co-Directors, LIT (Life Improving Transformations), Africa


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