All Set for Take Off

Latest Email 17/8/17

Hi Richard !
How are you?

Just letting you know the 40th unit came today. Thanks.
Interestingly it had a little note with it in Swahili
(I think, since I know only a few Swahili words!)
and it had an email address written on the side,
both it appears from Johanna(who presumably did the assembly of the unit).
We will make sure this unit goes in the 20 to Kakenya’s Dream school.

FYI (& for the Yr8 students) we plan to :
type up a simple set of operating/charging instructions to go with each unit;
do a final charge of all the 50 units;
package sets of them in separate bags in our checked-in luggage : 20 to Mercy at Nairobi airport & the other 30 (in groups of ~10) to go to “our” 3 schools and various community projects in Nairobi/Mlolongo/Nyabisia/Kaimosi.
We will verify cartage is ok in our check-in luggage at Brisbane airport before departing, but from the Emirates web-page and the information from Solar Buddy, we expect no issue there.
I think the main obstacle will be with Kenya Customs wanting to impose “duty” on them at Nairobi airport but we will deal with that there if needed.
I will be taking documentation about the various places they will be going to, to show there is no commercial aspect to this delivery.
It will still be a relief when we clear them thru Customs at Nairobi airport, about 9pm local time Fri 1 Sep.
I will email you when I can after that to let you know how we went,
and probably Mercy will too.

Best Regards,
Lyndon & Kathy

Good morning Lyndon and Kathy

Great to hear that the 40th light made it. Yes all the students have written a little message on the side of each of the lights. We are hoping that by writing a little message it may help make for stronger connections. Some students attempted to write the message in Swahili but please accept my apologies if there is anything lost in translation.

With each light having a message on it, please consider them neutral ie can be sent to either of the schools. Ultimately we are looking for ways to create a communication pathway between the students / classes from Aus to Kenya. Getting an insight into other peoples lives is a powerful way for our design students to learn about our impacts.

When reading the articles on the students from Kakenay’s school (and I am sure it is the same from any of the schools in Kenya) our students were inspired by the conviction of their dreams.

Good luck with customs and the import tax. Please keep a copy any documentation if they provide any, in the case that can assist you with this.

Again thank you for your endeavors to create transparency and equality, this is well and truly beyond providing the safe and secure delivery of the lights.

We are so very grateful for your wonderful support.

On behalf of our year 8 design students and Brigidine College Randwick, we say thank you.

Counting down the minutes,

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