Postage Challenge

We are wanting to send our lights here.
1. Shipping address

Kakenya’s Dream,
The Stables Suite 34, Karen Road Off Ngong Road,
Karen, Nairobi
Hi Richard

Thanks for your email – we do not have any contacts in Kenya nor have we shipped lights to their before therefore it may not be possible to ship to Kenya.
Many African countries have very strict rules regarding imports and some insist on us providing extensive and expensive documentation for solar lights which we will be unable to do for a shipment of only 40 lights. In addition our pricing is based on lights being shipped in bulk i.e. many hundred of lights at a time to a particular location, sending a small number of lights to a specific location will cost significantly more. I am also unsure of the import duties Kenya will impose on shipments, even charitable donations – in some instances this can be 200% of the cost of the lights!
All of this is why we state on our website “Whilst we try to accomodate all requests it is not always possible to send lights to a specific country or location.”
At the current time our focus for light distribution is PNG and Ethiopia.

8 thoughts on “Postage Challenge”

  1. Sir, don’t give up there is still hope for getting those Solar Buddies to Kenya (we worked really hard on them)
    From Aurelia and Stavy;


  2. I think we should first research how the solar buddies will travel and arrive in Kenya and then we can work on ideas for saving money.


  3. We could negotiate with Australia Post or any other leading post companies, to get a deal in which we can stay in budget, instead of using an excessive amount of money. This could include shipping the solar buddies in larger tubs/boxes. Anyone have any other ideas?

    Leila and Lucia


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