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We often feel disconnected to the world around us, disconnected even from the people sitting next to us. How do we connect to others? How does a parent connect to its child? In a world of constant change and increased transience, how do we return to the links we once had, to one and other, to the land; our mother?

When we get angry at the WIFI dropping out, I wonder if it is actually our emotional and social ‘disconnection’ that is causing us to feel that way. Is it our longing to connect to something bigger than ourselves that we are yearning for?

It is often said that conflict is the result of a breakdown in the connection; the connection we have with one another, within a family, to our neighbors, as a society, as a nation.


With all of the issues facing humanity at the moment, with all of the distractions and the fast paced changing nature of technology, is it possible for us to change our focus and to connect to what is critically important?


Let’s begin to unpack some of these issues and start to build some solutions.


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